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Cameron-Okolita Inc. Customer Testimonials


Cameron-Okolita Inc. TestimonialsThe Bankruptcy and Insolvency Act sets out a series of duties and obligations every bankrupt person and every consumer proposal proponent MUST perform.  Although we are by no means perfect, and issues with clients can arise if, as part of the  process, their duties or obligations are not  completed by them, the vast majority of the  feedback we receive from our Alberta clients, and elsewhere, is extremely  positive.





The testimonials reflected on this website have been taken from and represent excerpts from a sample of the cards and letters we have received from our former clients in Alberta, and elsewhere, taking care to protect the identity of the respective parties.


TestimonialsYou came highly recommended by a friend who used you a couple of years ago. It was extremely hard to take the first step and give you a call.  We felt like failures, but after we called you, we immediately felt better about our situation. A Consumer Proposal was definitely the right choice for us.


TestimonialsThank you for all you assistance and help. You helped us recognize that all the stress and constant struggle with our bills was tearing us apart and most importantly, that we had options and didn’t need to let it happen.”


TestimonialsThank you for taking time wit me. My English is not to good. Other places I contact would not spend time wit me. You were vary nice to me an explain well. I am done bankruptcy now and vary happy. Thank you vary much for all you do.


TestimonialsThanks for taking the time to help my mother, and going to see her in her home. This was an unbelievable level of service and certainly not expected. With failing health, I know she really appreciated it.”


TestimonialsWe didn’t know anything about bankruptcy. We thought you were going to take everything and that we would never get credit again. You helped us put things into perspective and thanks to you, we are happy to say that we got our Discharge without a hitch last month. Thanks for Everything!”


TestimonialsThanks for all your help, especially to Kelly, who put up with all my questions and offered words of encouragement when I was stressed and bitchy!” We are Free! We are Free!


TestimonialsGoing Bankrupt is something I thought I would never do, but in hindsight, I wish I had met with you guys and got it started sooner!”



TestimonialsI thought trustees were suits and that when I met with you I was going to be criticized for my stupidity. As dumb as I felt going into this, you always made me feel better about myself.”



TestimonialsI can’t thank you guys enough! My wife and I are back together and we don’t fight about money, or the lack of it, anymore. We have our life back!”